Tisch: Tebow's career hurt by Jets trade

New York Giants co-owner Steve Tisch says Tim Tebow would have been better off playing anywhere but with the New York Jets.

Tisch told TMZ he thinks Tebow, who was released last month, might still be playing if the Jets had not traded for him in March 2012.

"I feel badly for the guy," Tisch said Sunday night in Los Angeles when stopped by TMZ as he was getting into his car. "Had another team picked him up after the Broncos, maybe he'd have a career. I think him going from the Broncos to the Jets was not in anybody's best interest."

Tebow attempted a total of eight passes and played sparingly with the Jets last season. The Jets never seemed to know how to use Tebow, who managed to consistently make headlines and back pages.

The Giants -- players and owners -- were amused with how Tebow garnered so much of the media attention in training camp last year while the Giants were the defending Super Bowl champions.

Less than a year later, Tebow is looking to get back in the NFL.

"I do feel badly for him," Tisch said. "I hope he plays football. I think he's got talent and I think he is probably a decent guy and not a bad quarterback. I sincerely wish him all the best."

A game-changer: Tisch said he also likes the Giants' recent addition of linebacker Aaron Curry. Tisch thinks the fourth overall pick in the 2009 draft can reach his potential with the Giants.

"He's got such an athletic talent," Tisch said. "I think he is going to do a really good job. I know he is going to be very focused in these [OTAs] through training camp. I'm glad we got him. I think he can be a real game-changer."

Tisch also is thrilled with the Giants' draft.

"I'm very happy with the draft," Tisch said. "We don’t draft sexy but we draft for the positions we feel that we need players. [Tom] Coughlin is a great coach and Jerry Reese is a great GM, so I am very happy. It all comes out in training camp."