Hill: Knee better, Holmes helping out

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- At least one of the Jets wide receivers appeared to be on the mend after the first practice of the Jets mandatory minicamp. Stephen Hill, now in his second year with the team, said that his knee was feeling much better. It had been wrapped during practice as a measure of caution, but held up well even though he had experienced some swelling earlier in OTAs.

"Yeah, [the swelling has] definitely gone down," Hill said. "We just made sure we taped it up a little bit, make sure everything's stable, no swelling's going to happen today."

Meanwhile, Santonio Holmes, the Jets' top receiver, is still recovering from foot surgery he had last season. Holmes has been working off to the side during practices, but has also been on the field with other receivers like Hill and Kerley during team drills as an unofficial coach.

"Santonio has been a 100 percent support system [for me] since last year," Hill said. "He's teaching us stuff off the field issues and on the field issues. Just making sure that we're doing [the] right thing, staying into it if we're not practicing or anything like that, making sure we're still in it mentally since we can't be out there physically."

As for the other receivers, Jeremy Kerley, who had a sore foot during OTAs, said that had cleared up, "It's good. I just made a bad cut earlier in OTAs. I just didn't want to make it worse. It's good."

Rookie receiver K.J. Stroud worked out to the side, as did Clyde Gates, who has a hamstring injury.