Idzik defends Garrard, Goodson signings

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- John Idzik's first two free-agent signings didn't turn out well. Aging QB David Garrard, with a bone-on-bone condition in his knee, couldn't make it to minicamp and retired. RB Mike Goodson, who arrived with a checkered past, got arrested on drug and weapons charges.

Idzik, speaking to the media Thursday for the first time in a month, defended the signings.

"I know there's a perception from the outside, but we know what goes on on the inside," he said.

Idzik, reiterating the organization's position on Goodson, said he won't make any decisions on the running back's future until the legal process plays out. He said there's no guarantee that Goodson will be on the roster, adding, "There are no guarantees in life and there are certainly no guarantees in the NFL."

The Jets gave a $1 million signing bonus to a player with a history of personal and financial troubles. He's a father of six children with three women, each of whom filed a paternity suit against him.

"We do our homework with respect to medical concerns and with respect to background checks," Idzik said. "We're in the human business. When you're dealing with that, there's unpredictability. There's always a degree of risk or unpredictability with what we do. We like to believe that, based on the information we gather, we take calculated risks with players."

With Garrard, Idzik admitted there was "an unknown there" because he hadn't played in two years. You think?

"I don't know that we were surprised," he said. "We were hopeful. It's one of those things. You take a shot, you go through the paces."

Idzik wouldn't rule out the possibility of adding another veteran quarterback, although it didn't sound like he was rushing to make it happen. He said Mark Sanchez-Geno Smith is a "pretty healthy competition."

He spoke glowingly of Rex Ryan, calling him "a joy to work with. I think he's been re-energized."

If you're looking for a prediction on the season from Idzik, forget it. Not his style. He wouldn't even say if he believes the current team is better than the 6-10 mess he inherited -- probably not what fans want to hear.

"That's tough," he said. "I've only been here five, six months. I don't know that it's a continuum of sorts. I just look at the team as we sit here today. We're pleased in the direction we're headed."