Winslow: Keller victim of 'wrong' hit

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Kellen Winslow saw the replay of Dustin Keller's grisly knee injury. He watched it only once. That's all it took to get him fired up, seeing Texans DB D.J. Swearinger dive into Keller's knee and shredding all the ligaments. That kind of low hit, Winslow believes, should be illegal.

"Just think how serious they're taking helmet-to-helmet hits," Winslow said Tuesday. "They should take these type of hits that Keller took the same way -- a defenseless receiver who's not looking. They're diving at his knee; that's unprotected. If he was able to catch it and protect himself, that would be a different story.

"But if he can't see what's coming and they're diving at his knee, I mean, that, to me, is the same as a helmet-to-helmet hit. I think it should be viewed the same way. [Swearinger] said, 'I hit him that way just to avoid the fine.' There's something wrong with that."

Keller, who left the Jets in free agency to sign a one-year contract with the Dolphins, tore several ligaments in his knee and will be out for the remainder of the season.