Tuesday recap: What we learned

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Observations from the New York Jets sideline:

1. Rex Ryan is tired of QB questions: I mean, why else wouldn't the Jets head coach name the starter for Thursday night against the Eagles? It makes no sense. I think Ryan, probably weary of the scrutiny, probably wanted to get through a day without having to explain (and defend) a quarterback decision. I realize this reason sounds only semi-plausible, but it's the best I've got. It's a head-scratcher. By the way, he's leaning toward Matt Simms, according to sources.

2. The Jets still don't trust Nick Folk: The man has been a solid kicker for the team for three years, but he gets no love in these parts. They signed veteran Dan Carpenter to compete with Folk for three days, ending Thursday night. Folk hurt himself by missing a field goal in overtime Saturday, moments after a ridiculous ice-the-kicker timeout by Giants coach Tom Coughlin. That miss, coupled with Carpenter shaking free from the Cardinals, led to Tuesday's Carpenter-for-Billy Cundiff swap. The Jets have had the hots for Carpenter for more than a week. Somehow, I don't think Carpenter-vs.-Folk will knock Sanchez-vs.-Smith off the back pages.

3. Tone, the philosopher: How hard is it to predict when Santonio Holmes will return? About as hard as it is to decipher the meaning of this quote from Tuesday: "What you see is what you see and what you get out of it, and not what you get out of it." Got that? Basically, Holmes was saying (I think) that he's not as far along as everybody thinks. So, if you see him running, it doesn't mean he's really running. If you see him cutting, it doesn't mean he's actually cutting. If you see him playing in Week 1 against the Bucs, it doesn't mean he's Santonio Holmes. Hope I cleared that up for you.