How should Jets fans greet Revis?

Darrelle Revis returns to MetLife Stadium Sunday, nearly five months after he was traded by the Jets. Should he be cheered? Booed?

Technically, Revis was sent packing by the Jets, but let's not turn him into a martyr, because we all know he was just as responsible as the Jets for forcing a trade. At the same time, let's not forget what he did for the organization. He was a brilliant player.

Linebacker Calvin Pace, for one, believes Revis deserves a warm reception.

"Hopefully people will understand that in this game, business trumps a lot of things," Pace said. "Everything he did from the day he got here was positive and helped us win a lot of games. I think the crowd will respond positively to him."

Pace added: "Luckily, I don't have to run routes against him. He's the best for a reason. We'll take our shots against him if we can. If not, we'll stay off that island."

Ordinarily, the Jets probably would try to avoid Revis as much as possible, but he's coming off major knee surgery and hasn't played a game in nearly a year. It would be foolish not to test him. Revis versus Santonio Holmes would be a compelling matchup, assuming Holmes plays. He, too, hasn't played in almost a year.

Wide receiver Stephen Hill expects his former teammate to be highly motivated for his return. Hill measured his words carefully; the last thing he wants to do is antagonize Revis.

"It was competition between us [last year in practice]," Hill said. "Sometimes, I won. Sometimes, I lost. Other than that I'm going to be ready to play him and he's going to be ready to play me. No excuses, just go play ball. It doesn't matter who's in front of me."