Wilkerson: Jets can rattle Josh Freeman

The world is gaga over Geno, but believe it or not, half the Jets' team is focused on the other quarterback in Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium -- the Bucs' Josh Freeman.

Freeman is a talented, but interception-prone quarterback entering a contract year, and at least one prominent member of the Jets' defense -- Muhammad Wilkerson -- believes they can "rattle" him into a poor start in 2013.

"We feel like we have a great game plan to get him off his mark and get him uncomfortable," the veteran defensive end said Wednesday.

Asked if Freeman is vulnerable, Wilkerson nodded his head.

"You see it on film," he said. "You get him off his mark and get him kind of rattled, and he kind of just makes mistakes on his own. It's not even so much the defense, it's just him not being comfortable. If we do that, we should definitely be fine and come out with a victory on Sunday."

Freeman, the Bucs' first-round pick in 2009, has thrown 39 interceptions over the past two seasons -- three more than Mark Sanchez. Instead of locking up Freeman with a long-term extension, Bucs management decided to let him play out his contract, creating a "prove it to us" situation.

Interesting back story on Freeman: Before the '09 draft, the Jets' scouts rated him higher than Sanchez. The Jets changed the grades after personal workouts and interviews with each player, deciding Sanchez had better intangibles than Freeman.