Drive of the game: First Patriots series

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The drive of the game is the first Patriots series in the first quarter. In it, Tom Brady established Julian Edelman as his go-to receiver and sent Aaron Dobson a 39-yard touchdown pass.

The Patriots never gave up the lead after that touchdown and it proved to be an easy score in a game with only two touchdowns total, one for each team. Once the rain started up in the second half, it limited the passing game for both teams.

The six-play, 81-yard drive included three targets and two completions to Edelman, 7 and 8 yards, two runs from Stevan Ridley, and the touchdown pass. Clocking in at 2:06, Brady made it look far easier than it would look again for the entire game.

Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie said there was some miscommunication on the scoring play, which the Patriots noted as well.

“It looked like they had everybody up pretty close to the line of scrimmage, which they did that quite a bit tonight,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “It looked like they had no deep field player and it looked like they were going to get caught up in there in the action and Aaron [Dobson] slipped behind him, Tom [Brady] found him. We got behind them several times, we didn’t convert as often as we’d like to or need to but that was a big one for us, no question.”

In a game without a lot of scoring, the first play ended up setting a bar for the Jets that they never got over.