Ryan questions only one Geno Smith INT

When Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the final practice in Cortland, N.Y., he received a scathing review from Rex Ryan, who called it "brutal." On Thursday night, Smith threw another three interceptions, all in the fourth quarter, but his coach was critical of only one play.

"I would've liked to see him just take off when we were in field-goal range, and just go ahead and run with it instead of trying to force that one throw," Ryan said Friday.

He was referring to Smith's biggest mental mistake in the New York Jets' 13-10 loss to the New England Patriots. On a third-and-5 from the Patriots' 27, down by three points, the Jets were within range of a potential game-tying field goal. He was flushed to his left and threw across his body to Santonio Holmes, who was actually open. But Smith threw behind him and it was intercepted by Aqib Talib. He probably could've gained a few yards by running it. That was the smart play.

Aside from that, Ryan was pleased with the rookie's performance.

"Through it, he was still poised," he said. "It wasn't like he was rattled. He was confident. He threw some jump balls up there at the end, trying to force some issues, but he was trying to make plays."

The Jets have to remain positive with Smith because, with Mark Sanchez out, he's their only viable option. But it hasn't been pretty over the first two games -- only one TD pass, four interceptions, a 53.4 completion rate, five sacks, two touchdown drives and a 55.2 passer rating.