Holmes: 'I still have a long ways to go'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Looks can be deceiving. Even on a career-best day.

Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes doesn't believe Sunday's 154-yard effort is the sign he's back to form after suffering a Lisfranc fracture and undergoing surgery last year.

As he's rehabbed from the injury, the veteran has often downplayed signs that he's progressing well.

"I don't want to do that to myself," Holmes said Wednesday about believing he's made it back. "I still have a long ways to go. It's only my third game back from a full year of recovering and not having a lot chances to practice up until this point. Still have a lot of learning and a lot of things to continue working on, such as staying in my rehab regimens. Still have a long ways to go."

Holmes abused the Buffalo Bills' secondary on Sunday, hauling in five passes for 154 yards, including the game-winning 69-yard score in the fourth quarter. It marked the first time he topped 100 yards since he went for 147 on Sept. 23, 2012, the game before he suffered his injury.

In the Jets' first two contests this year, against the Buccaneers and Patriots, Holmes had tallied just four catches for 64 yards .

As he's worked his way back, Holmes has been hesitant to make any declarations about his surgically repaired left foot. When he first started practicing, it looked like he was moving well, but he later said looks can be deceiving. Through the first two weeks, as he played more than two-thirds the offensive snaps, he's continued to say he's not 100 percent.

On Wednesday, Holmes said his foot doesn't feel any better than it normally does midweek. He was a limited participant in Wednesday's practice.

"It still feels the same," Holmes said of his foot." Mentally, I prepare myself every day I get an opportunity to practice, and even on game days to just continue to focus in on making strides and not worrying about what the foot's doing."

Holmes said being able to practice and get on the same page with quarterback Geno Smith was a reason for his success Sunday. Missing time in training camp set the pair back in terms of developing a connection, and the more they've been able to work together has helped them develop a rapport.

With Holmes leading the way Sunday, the Jets' offense looked the best it has all season, and the team is looking to build off that heading into Sunday's clash against Tennessee. Holmes is not going to let his career-best game overinflate his confidence as he works his way back to 100 percent.

"I'm going to attack it as if I'm going to continue being a starter and playmaker for this team. I can't look at the numbers and base my production off the numbers," Holmes said. "It's only the third game of the season. I got to continue to stay healthy, and with God's will that I can continue to stay healthy throughout this season, who knows what's going to be in store from this point on."