Green Day: Eye-opening comparisons

This is for all the stat geeks out there -- our bye week respite from the usual morning offering.

The NFL compiles a stat sheet that shows how teams perform when specific players are on and off the field, breaking it down by average yards per pass attempt and average yards per rushing attempt. I think this is a great way to evaluate a player's true value to the team. I've compiled a few for the New York Jets, highlighting positional battles and key storylines. For example:


Wide receiver Santonio Holmes

Average pass play with him: 6.33 yards.

Average without him: 5.79.

The skinny: This puts to rest the theory the Jets are better on offense without Holmes.

Offensive linemen: Brian Winters versus Vladimir Ducasse

Average running play with Winters: 4.32

Average running play with Ducasse: 3.82

The skinny: Winters, a rookie, has experieced plenty of hiccups, but he still has his predecessor beat.

Tight ends: Kellen Winslow versus Jeff Cumberland

Average pass play with Winslow: 5.76

Average pass play with Cumberland: 4.94

The skinny: The Jets better hope that Winslow, back from his PED suspension, is off his "allergy" medication.

Running backs: Chris Ivory versus Bilal Powell

Average running play with Ivory: 4.01

Average running play with Powell: 3.98

The skinny: Pretty much what you expected here.


Safeties: Antonio Allen versus Jaiquawn Jarrett

Average pass play with Allen: 6.38

Average pass play with Jarrett: 4.90

The skinny: This surprises me -- a lot.

Defensive lineman Damon Harrison

Average running play with Harrison: 2.72

Average without him: 3.21

The skinny: Big Snacks is a big reason why the Jets have the No. 1 run defense.

Cornerbacks Dee Milliner versus Darrin Walls

Average pass play with Milliner: 5.85

Average pass play with Walls: 6.89

The skinny: Now we know why Rex Ryan keeps going back to Milliner.

Linebacker Antwan Barnes

Average pass play with him: 5.41

Average without him: 6.22

The skinny: His season-ending knee injury has been more costly than people realize.