Green Day: Breaking out Buddy Ryan drills

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- How do you attack the New York Jets' defense? Go deep.

The Jets have allowed 18 pass plays of more than 30 yards, and Rex Ryan is fed up. This week, it will be a major point of emphasis in practice.

"We're pulling in the old Buddy Ryan drills this week," said Ryan, referring to his father and some of his coaching tricks.

That means they will devote a day (i.e. Deep Ball Friday) to defending the long ball. Ryan said they will have competitive drills on downfield passes. In Sunday's loss to the Buffalo Bills, not known as a vertical passing team, the Jets allowed four long completions, including two touchdowns. The presence of future Hall-of-Fame safety Ed Reed had little impact, as rookie EJ Manuel passes for 245 yards (mostly into the wind) even though he didn't have his top two receivers.

Ryan said he may make schematic changes, even hinting that he will play more Cover-2 if necessary. That would be radical, all right, because the Jets usually don't play a two-deep look at safety.

"It's frustrating to me," Ryan said, adding: "I'm confident we'll fix it. I don't think there's any doubt, when it comes to defense."

Surprisingly, Reed played almost the entire game in his Jets debut despite having practiced for only two days. He played 59 of 67 defensive snaps, replacing Antonio Allen, who got on the field for only three plays. Ryan said they had planned to use different packages, but they didn't vary it much because the Bills used more two tight-end sets than they had anticipated. Ryan called Reed a "Hall-of-Fame communicator," claiming he can galvanize the secondary even though he just arrived on the scene.

Right now, the Jets could use a Hall-of-Fame playmaker more than the communicator.

ICYMI: Geno Smith will start "this game," according to Ryan, but he hinted that Matt Simms could start to get work in the bullpen. ... Get ready to take a seat, Stephen Hill. Your scholarship is about to expire. ... Kellen Winslow said he's not upset with his lack of playing time. Do we believe him? Not really.