Matt Simms: 'Geno's the man'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- As he waited Sunday night to find out whether he had replaced Geno Smith as the New York Jets starting quarterback, backup Matt Simms was anxious.

Earlier that day, Simms played the entire second half in relief of Smith in the Jets' 23-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins. There was a chance he could make his first career start this upcoming Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

That first start will have to come at another time, though. The Jets decided to keep the beleaguered Smith as their starter, sending Simms back to the sideline at least for the time being.

"Obviously when you get out there on the field and you get a little taste of the real action, you just want more of it," Simms said. "Nonetheless Geno's the man and I'm going to support him and prepare like I have been, and if my number is called again, I'll go out there and play as hard as I can again."

Simms had played twice prior to Sunday, both times coming in blowout losses when the Jets pulled Smith late in the game. Sunday, with the Jets down 6-0 at the half and failing to get anything going offensively, the switch was made and Simms commanded the offense for the entire second half.

The offense put up its only points under Simms, but it wasn't enough as Miami rolled to a win. Simms finished 9-of-18 for 79 yards and threw an interception, which came on a 4th-and-18 play with less than four minutes remaining. The offense did seem to function better Sunday with Simms at the helm.

Simms believed he did some things well in his playing time, including his communication with the offense and his command of the unit, as well as making sound decisions. His father, former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, told him he was pleased he was able to obtain that experience.

"He was pleased I didn't make it worse," Simms said. "You guys laugh, but the first thing a quarterback needs to do is make sure that you don't lose the game. At the same time, we needed to be more aggressive and make more plays offensively. That's just something I'll have to get better at."

With Smith back as the starter for at least another week, Simms will once again be in his backup role, while David Garrard will be the team's No. 3 quarterback. Simms said he's not worried that the team might turn to the veteran ahead of him moving forward, pointing out how he's been the backup quarterback the entire time Garrard as been here, as well as Brady Quinn before him.

He even joked that Sunday's performance ensured he's still worthy of being the backup.

"I did enough to solidify that I'm still the two. At least I didn't play myself out of my job. That's the key," Simms said with a laugh. "I get to stay around and play football for one more week and considering the strides that I've made this year that's good enough for right now."