Holmes: Limited plays to 'monitor' injury

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- In limiting Santonio Holmes (hamstring) to two snaps Sunday in the 23-3 loss to Miami, Jets coach Rex Ryan was taking steps to keep Holmes healthy the rest of the year.

"We thought he was going to play a little more than that," Ryan said. "We noticed as the coaches that the burst wasn't quite there. Instead of him possibly having a setback, we were only to play him in what we said was a must situation. We can't afford him to take a step back, lose him for the rest of the year. We need him going forward."

Holmes ran a go route on the first play, and played just one more snap before being pulled. He did not register a catch and was not targeted, and said afterward it was a coach's decision to sideline him. Ryan said the coaches noticed the lack of burst from Holmes during the game.

"[I had] limited plays coming off an injury," Holmes said Sunday. "We wanted to monitor that and make sure everything is OK for the rest of the season."

While the Jets did the right thing if they were concerned about Holmes' health, only having him for two snaps proved to be waste of a roster spot Sunday. The team could have instead used the spot for quarterback David Garrard, who could have replaced Geno Smith in the second half. The two snaps the Jets received from Holmes would have been better served going to a player who could have played more.

It appears the Jets were so desperate to have Holmes that they took a gamble by making him active, knowing that Holmes' hamstring could be problematic again, and that decision backfired. Holmes has played in just seven games and has 326 receiving yards and one touchdown.

"He gives us a presence out there," Ryan said. "If he's healthy enough, you want him out there."