Ryan: Cleaning up Winslow's comments

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – It was a tempest in the Twitter pot. Jets tight end Kellen Winslow tweeted Donte' Stallworth with his predictions for the AFC Championship Game, and the Jets weren’t one of the teams.

So was Winslow bailing on the Jets?

Later, Winslow deleted the tweet and posted a new one: “Lol man twitter is very dangerous! I'm a fan of the game also. Thought we were out of it mathematically but we still got life so forgive me.”

Winslow declined interview requests in the locker room, but everyone asked about it from Jets coach Rex Ryan to Stallworth -- who sent out a request for title predictions to all his followers -- downplayed the notion that Winslow had crossed a line.

"Kellen's an honest guy,” Stallworth said in an email. “Will that stop him from playing his butt off? Not him, I've played with this guy in Cleveland. He's a competitor and loves the game."

What did bother Ryan was Winslow’s other comment, the one about bad practices that translated into bad games.

“I’ve got to clean up his comments, but other than that he’s a pretty dependable guy,” Ryan said.

Winslow has questioned why he isn’t getting more reps in games, something he isn’t alone in asking about. Ryan addressed that concern by having Winslow sit out of practice on Wednesday this week instead of his usual Thursday.

“Part of that is that there is more of a pass emphasis in certain areas, that’s why I chose to practice him on Thursday,” Ryan said.

So the bottom line appears to be that Ryan is looking to use a quieter Winslow a little more.