Strength of schedule: New York Jets

After a successful rebuilding year in 2013, the New York Jets will go into 2014 with high expectations -- and a tough schedule.

Based on the aggregate winning percentage of their opponents, the Jets have the ninth most difficult schedule in the league -- a .520 percentage, which ranks fifth in the AFC. In other words, the cupcake party is over -- at least that's how it looks on paper in February.

Things change, of course. First of all, their opponents' rosters could change dramatically after free agency and the draft. Plus, we all know these strength-of-schedule comparisons tend to get blown up a month into the season. For instance: Going into last season, everyone figured the Jets would have a tough time at the Atlanta Falcons, but would cruise at the Carolina Panthers. As it turned out, the Falcons stunk (the Jets won) and the Panthers were better than anyone could've imagined (the Jets lost). You get the point.

But in the context of an early analysis, it looks tough for the Jets, especially on the road. In fact, they have the 13th toughest road schedule (.523), and it's easy to see why. Three of their four non-divisional road games are against 2013 playoff teams -- the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers and Green Bay Packers.

And as every Jets fan knows, your beloved team is terrible on the road -- 2-6 last season. Just saying.

Their home schedule is 14th (.516).