Draft spotlight: TE Jace Amaro

Texas Tech's Jace Amaro delivered arguably the best season ever for a tight end -- 106 receptions, 1,352 yards and seven touchdowns. Amaro, projected as a possible first-round pick, spoke to reporters at the NFL scouting combine. Highlights:

On whether he's entering the league at a great time because of the way the tight-end position has evolved: "Yeah, I think it’s a great time for a tight end, it’s a revolution position and I feel like I’ve had the greatest tight-end season ever in college regarding receiving yards. I feel like it’s a great time for me, and I feel like I did what I wanted to in college. I think this is a great chance for me to showcase what I can do in the NFL."

On whether he considers himself a tight end or a wide receiver: "I think I’m a mixture of both. I think that’s why I’m so unique. It’s kind of a revolution to the game now with what tight ends can bring across the board. I like to see myself as both a tight end and as a receiver."

On people who question his blocking: "It’s kind of hard to see what I can do from the television set. I think when (Tommy) Tuberville was there, I did a much better job of blocking. That was my role in the offense was to be more of a blocker and catch the balls. So I think that when (Kliff) Kingsbury came in, he told me I’m going to need you to catch 10-plus balls every single game for us to be successful. I did what he asked me to do and we threw the ball 50, 60 times, but that was our game plan."

On whether he saw much single coverage: "In the beginning of the season, they would play a little man. But after the first or second game was when they bracket-coveraged me almost the entire game. It was basically getting totally schemed the entire game. I think that plays a big part of what I really can do, being double-teamed the entire year and still pulling the numbers that I did."