Ebron says he's had no contact with Jets

Despite an obvious tight end need, the New York Jets have expressed little interest in North Carolina's Eric Ebron, the consensus top tight end in the draft. Ebron said Wednesday he hasn't spoken to anyone in the Jets' organization other than linebacker Quinton Coples, a former college teammate.

Could it be a smokescreen? It's possible, but it would be an all-timer.

"As far as I know, they like me," Ebron said at a league-sponsored event in lower Manhattan. "That's every team. Every team likes me as an athlete."

It was previously reported that Ebron visited the Jets, but he was evasive and wouldn't confirm that. Being unnecessarily coy, he said only that he visited "New York" -- as he tweeted a few weeks ago, which fueled the speculation. If it's true that he's only had contact with Coples, it appears that his visit never took place -- unless, of course, Coples is running the draft.

Could it be that he visited the New York Giants? I'm not sure about that, but I can tell you the Giants probably won't take Ebron with the 12th pick. Chances are, he won't make it to the Jets at 18.

One thing about Ebron: He's not lacking for confidence. He's a self-proclaimed Vernon Davis wannabe, believing he can make the same impact as the San Francisco 49ers' star tight end.

"I watch his highlights, I watch his film, I watch everything Vernon Davis does and I mold it into Eric Ebron," he said.

Ebron described himself as a fun-loving person off the field. On the field, "I'm a beast, I'm an animal. It's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."