Pryor: 'I have the complete package'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Twelve hours after hearing his name called at Radio City Music Hall, safety Calvin Pryor stopped by the New York Jets' facility Friday to meet his new coaches, take a tour and, oh yes, chat with the media.

A few highlights from his session with reporters:

On his knowledge of the Jets: "I've had a chance to watch the Jets play over the years. ... (Former Louisville) Coach (Charlie) Strong, he's real good friends with Coach (Rex) Ryan, so he told me a lot about Coach Ryan when I told him I had a visit with the Jets. That's the reason I went to Louisville, because Coach Strong, he's a defensive coach. He was like, 'You're getting the same guy.'"

Similarities between the Louisville defense and the Jets' defense: "Our basic coverages. We ran a lot of cover-6 and fire zones in college, and I feel like they do the same thing here. They mix a lot of things up, different adjustments. But, for the most part, it's the same thing."

On his coverage skills: "I'm very confident in my ability, first and foremost. I feel like I have the complete package as a safety. Most people know me as a hard-hitting safety because I had a few hard hits in college. But when you watch my film, you see that playmaking ability that jumps out at you, a guy that's flying around and has a passion for the game."

On whether he worries about the NFL's strict rules on helmet-to-helmet contact: "I'm not. Coach Ryan said, 'Just be yourself.' In college, I had clean hits, I used my shoulder pads and I don't lead with my helmet. So if I continue to do the same thing, I'm pretty sure we won't have a problem."

On whether he noticed the Seattle Seahawks' secondary intimidating the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl: "I did. The Seahawks have a great secondary. You've got Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, (Richard) Sherman, all those guys. I believe when you're flying around like that and everyone's getting to the ball, and just playing physical and having an impact on defense, you can create intimidation and put fear into opponents."