Would Jets consider Mo Wilkerson-Colin Kaepernick blockbuster trade?

Reaching into the mailbag for the New York Jets question of the week:

@RichCimini: This would qualify as a blockbuster, wouldn't it? Let's start with the other guys.

I don't think the San Francisco 49ers would agree to this deal because they'd be trading their best quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, and surrendering the asset that would allow them to replace him. With the seventh pick, the Niners could have their choice of Carson Wentz or Jared Goff or Paxton Lynch, giving new coach Chip Kelly his quarterback of the future. If they drop to No. 20, they could be taking themselves out of the Big-3 quarterback market. Yes, they can afford Wilkerson ($53 million in cap room) and he'd certainly upgrade their defense, but they'd be left with Blaine Gabbert and a second-tier rookie such as Connor Cook.

From the Jets' perspective, the trade would hinge on their faith in Kaepernick. You don't trade your best defensive player and take on a big salary for a one-and-done quarterback. You'd have to commit to Kaepernick as The Guy, and I'm not so sure the Jets are ready to do that. Can't say I blame them. Kaepernick is a fixer-upper. Once considered a future star, his numbers have declined steadily. His Total QBR has dropped every year since 2012, in large part because he's not a pocket passer. In 2015, his QBR inside the pocket (39.0) was the second-worst in the league and he was sacked at the highest rate on such plays, according to ESPN Stats & Information. No, thanks.

From a financial standpoint, your proposed trade would help the Jets a little bit, but not dramatically. They'd clear Wilkerson's franchise-tag amount ($15.7 million) and the 20th pick (roughly $1.8 million), but they'd be taking on Kaepernick's guaranteed salary for 2016 ($11.9 million) and the cost of the seventh overall pick (an estimated $3.1 million). Net result: A cap savings of $2.5 million. Would it be worth it? I don't think so.

On the upside, that No. 7 pick would be appealing because it would allow the Jets to fill a need. They'd be in position to draft someone like linebacker Myles Jack or left tackle Ronnie Stanley. So, in whole, we're talking about Wilkerson and the 20th pick for Kaepernick and Stanley. I think the 49ers would have to throw in their third-round pick to even it out, but let me go back to the original point:

Why would the 49ers make a trade in which they'd probably be giving up two quarterbacks?