From Jets' perspective, Brandon Marshall to Giants is better than Pats

Former New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has agreed to a two-year, $12 million contract with the Giants. How should Jets fans react? Well, let me pose this question:

Do you think you can stomach Marshall's Big Blue-loving smile on the back pages of the New York tabloids a couple of times a week or would you have rather seen him in a Patriots uniform, facing him twice a year?

Hmm, that might be a tough call. Thinking ... thinking ... thinking ...

Yeah, you'd rather have him on the Giants. He can't hurt the Jets that way, although you'll probably get tired of him talking about the wonderful taste of the blue Kool-Aid.

Marshall was interested in playing for the Patriots, but the feeling wasn't mutual. Their offensive coordinator is Josh McDaniels, who was the Broncos' coach when Marshall was a problem child in 2009 and was sent packing. So, no, a reunion never was a serious possibility.

He would've stayed with the Jets, but he didn't want to endure the pains of rebuilding for $7.5 million, his non-guaranteed salary for 2017. I'm curious to see how much of his Giants' contract is guaranteed. This is the player who said at the end of the season that it's not about the money, that he'd play for free.

We'll see how much "free" costs the Giants.

For Marshall, this is the last chance to change his legacy. He desperately wants to be known as a winner, and now he'll be playing for a winning organization and the best quarterback he has had, Eli Manning.

Marshall has yet to reach the postseason (11 years and counting); no player in NFL history has more receptions without a postseason appearance than Marshall. Is he radioactive or just a victim of circumstance? We'll find out. He's out of excuses.

The dynamic with Odell Beckham Jr. will be fascinating. For the first time in his career, Marshall is not the best receiver on the team. How will he respond when he starts running clear-out routes for Beckham? Will he be jealous of Beckham's media attention? Will he invite the receivers to his place in Florida the week of a big game?

Marshall fancies himself as a mentor to young receivers, but mostly he likes the idea of being known as a mentor. Some of the Jets' young receivers never saw him in that light.

Marshall has a reputation for bashing former quarterbacks once he's gone. Ask Jay Cutler. Consider this a warning, Ryan Fitzpatrick.