Players getting ready for roster cuts

Over the next few days, teams will cut their rosters down to 53 players. Some players will be anxiously waiting to see if they make the team. Here are some perspectives from Jets who will have to see if they will still be a part of the team following cuts.

PATRICK TURNER: The wide receiver is battling for the fifth wide receiver spot. He had no catches in Thursday's game and finished the preseason with seven catches for 39 yards and a touchdown. He didn't have a catch in the final two games.

Turner, who was primarily on the Jets practice squad last year and had two catches, believed he showed the coaches he could catch the ball and block during the preseason. He also said he showed he can contribute to the offense and be smart.

"I feel like I didn't hurt myself in the preseason," Turner said. "Of course, there's some things I want back but what can you do about? All I can do is what's ahead of me."

JEFF CUMBERLAND: Cumberland is battling for the third tight end spot. He made the team's opening roster last season and played in the final game of the regular season against Buffalo and is hoping for a repeat this year.

He had three catches for 36 yards on Thursday and finished with 11 catches for 156 yards in the preseason. He thought his blocking improved over the course of the preseason and is better than last season.

Said Cumberland: "I'm not nervous at all. There's no need for me to be nervous, I went out there and gave it my all each time I was out there on the field and throughout practice, I went out there and gave it my all and that's all you can do and when you know you did that, there's no need to be nervous no matter what happens, if it's a cut or practice squad, whatever it is, there's no need to be nervous when you went out there and gave it your all."

GARRETT MCINTYRE: Mcintrye is trying to win one of the backup linebacker positions. He last was with an NFL team in the 2006 preseason, as he was with Arizona and Tennessee, before playing in the CFL and the AFL.

Mcintyre had one special teams tackle Thursday and had nine combined tackles in the preseason to go with two sacks. He said once he started getting reps at practice and learning the system, he thought he picked it up real well.

He expects the news few days to be stressful.

"This is my last chance in the league, so if I don't make it, maybe I'll play for another team, but if not I probably go finish my career up in Canada, so this is it for me and I hope that I stick," Mcintyre said.