Jets fans hope Madden can do what their team can't: beat Tom Brady

Tom Brady has made Jets fans shout (in anguish) a time or two. EA Sports

This might be the best news of the offseason for the New York Jets.

Their No. 1 nemesis, Tom Brady, will appear on the cover of the Madden NFL 18 video game, it was announced Friday. The Jets' fan base, which knows a thing or two about curses, didn't waste any time in responding to the news.

A quick sampling from my Twitter timeline:

To his credit, Brady isn't ducking the "curse" talk, posting a humorous video on his Facebook page.

"I suppose there's been some reality to that curse over the years," Brady said in a statement. "Hopefully I can break it. That would be pretty cool."

No player has tormented the Jets like Brady, whose career was launched in 2001 when he replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe in a game against the Green and White. (Where have you gone, Mo Lewis?) In 32 career starts against the Jets, including two playoff games, Brady is 24-8 with 48 touchdown passes and only 14 interceptions, crushing the souls of many Jets fans along the way.

Much to the chagrin of Jets fans, Brady, who turns 40 in August, has said he intends to play a few more years. His New England Patriots teammate, Rob Gronkowski, fell victim to the so-called curse last year, suffering a season-ending back injury on Nov. 27.

Against the Jets.