Jets' new offensive coordinator likes Metallica and QBs who protect the ball

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- John Morton walked into his first news conference on Tuesday, spotted a reporter wearing a Metallica shirt and complimented the reporter on her taste in music.

So now we know the New York Jets' new offensive coordinator is a fan of the legendary heavy-metal band. As far as coaching, he's a bit of a mystery man because he's 47 years old and this is his first gig as an NFL coordinator and playcaller. In fact, the Jets were the first team that interviewed him for an OC job.

Hey, he's 1-for-1.

Morton took the job for one reason -- "Opportunity," he said -- and now he faces the enormous challenge of fixing the Jets' offense. How will he do it?

Cue the guitar riff.

Enter, Morton.

A few takeaways from his first interview session:

1. Morton declined to call it a West Coast offense (it is), preferring to speak in generalities. He stressed the importance of ball security, saying it's his No. 1 priority. In fact, he showed the players film cut-ups on ball protection before taking the practice field for the first time. This has been a huge problem for the Jets. Since 2011, they've committed a league-high 182 turnovers. "If we win the turnover battle," he said, "we have a better chance of getting to the playoffs."

2. The Jets will be a game plan-specific offense, meaning they will change each week based on their opponent and matchups. The New England Patriots are the best example of this style. As Morton said, "It's not going to be just one thing, this is what we do. I think that's important." Under his predecessor, Chan Gailey, the Jets fell somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

3. Fantasy owners might find this useful: Morton said he believes in a backfield-by-committee approach, meaning you will see a healthy mix of Matt Forte and Bilal Powell at running back. He said "it's important to keep guys fresh." Once again, he said it will change week by week, depending on the opponent.

4. Morton wasn't about to handicap the three-man quarterback competition, but he named two characteristics he wants from his starting quarterback: "Take care of the ball -- I think that's important -- and move the chains. I think that's important." He spent the past two seasons with the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees. He may experience some culture shock in New York.

5. He will call plays from up in the booth, as Gailey did. His point man on the sideline will be quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates.

6. Morton is big on intangibles, especially competitiveness. That came through when discussing his three quarterbacks, Josh McCown, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. He called them "gym rats" with a "blue-collar mentality." It sounds like attitude will be an important part of his approach. Morton himself comes across as an old-school grinder, which is how one of his mentors, Jon Gruden, described him.