Could a surprising start disrupt the Jets' quarterback plan?

An optimistic New York Jets fan questions whether early success could affect Christian Hackenberg's development:

@RichCimini: Imagine that: A quarterback controversy because the starter is overachieving. That would be so Jets.

You're assuming Josh McCown will be the opening-day starter, and I happen to agree with you even though it's not quite a done deal. You present a fascinating scenario, John, because this could spark an internal struggle that I believe is likely at some point.

Presumably, coach Todd Bowles, who needs to win games to keep his job, won't bench McCown if the team is winning. (I'm assuming your 3-3 scenario isn't based on a 3-0 start, because that would change things.) Beyond job security, what kind of message would it send to the locker room if Bowles demotes a productive player?

General manager Mike Maccagnan is looking at the big picture, and he recognizes the importance of playing Hackenberg. Personally, I think Hackenberg needs at least 10 starts to get a fair evaluation.

Even though no team should have to apologize for winning, yes, an unexpectedly positive start would create an additional issue and could delay Sir Hack -- if Sir Hack starts the season on the bench. It sounds crazy, but mark my words, this will be an ongoing theme in 2017: present versus future.

You'd like to believe Bowles and Maccagnan, both level-headed men, will be able to tell the difference between charade and reality.