Jets can't forget Christmas Eve debacle -- and maybe that's good

CLEVELAND -- Bill Belichick was the grinch who stole the New York Jets' Christmas, beating the team he loves to hate, 41-3, last Dec. 24.

At least one player believes that humiliating loss will be on the Jets' mind this week as they prepare for the New England Patriots.

"It's motivation after what happened last year," linebacker Jordan Jenkins said Sunday after the Jets' 17-14 win over the Cleveland Browns. "You try not to think about it, but this week we're going to see those plays on film that we let go and see some of the mistakes we made in that blowout.

"It's going to be on our minds," he continued. "You're going to sit there all week and see the plays on film that you could've made, and it's going to hit you hard. We have to be dialed in this time because if you make mistakes or mental errors against the Patriots, 80 percent of the time they're going to capitalize on it."

That game was the lowpoint of the Todd Bowles era. Quarterback Bryce Petty suffered a severe shoulder injury on a fluke play, backup Ryan Fitzpatrick was terrible, wide receiver Brandon Marshall blew up at halftime in the locker room and players admitted afterward that some quit. Bowles, who spent the night before the game in the hospital, coached despite severe discomfort stemming from gall-bladder and kidney issues.

It was the Jets' 11th loss in a 5-11 season. The players haven't forgotten, and you can bet the organization still remembers the cheap shot that was fired from Foxborough in June.

Speaking to a small crowd at a team function, Josh Kraft -- president of the Patriots Charitable Foundation -- invited people to tour the Patriots' Hall of Fame.

"It's a great take," Kraft, a son of team owner Robert Kraft, told the crowd. "I'm not biased, but it's a lot better than the Jets' Hall of Fame, right? Which is nonexistent."

On Sunday, the two rivals play for first place in the AFC East. This might be kind of fun.