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Jets coach on his dancing players: Not good enough for 'Soul Train'

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Nearly two months after watching Marshawn Lynch stage a fourth-quarter dance celebration at their expense, the New York Jets did the same thing last Thursday night. The starting defense boogied in front of the Buffalo Bills, and the video became an Internet sensation.

Coach Todd Bowles loved the youthful exuberance, if not their dance moves.

"Not one of them could've been a 'Soul Train' dancer," he said Monday. "But that's all right."

Bowles was referring to the iconic dance show, which aired on TV from 1971-2006 and featured R&B, hip-hop and soul artists. The coach is 53 years old, which means he grew up during the height of the show's popularity.

In case you missed it, the Jets' dancing occurred during a timeout early in the fourth quarter of their 34-21 win. The stadium speakers blasted Lil Uzi Vert’s “444+222," and the players danced in place, jumping, shaking and swaying to the beat.

The Jets weren't too happy when Beast Mode did it in Week 2 at Oakland, when they were routed, 45-20, in their only blowout loss.

"It definitely feels good to be on the opposite side of that now, being the guys that are dancing at the end of the game," said Leonard Williams, member of the dance team.

The only player on the field who didn't dance was Jordan Jenkins, who, coincidentally, was the most outspoken player after Lynch's dance party. He got razzed by Williams, who told reporters that "we need to work on (his) dance moves because he was the only one not dancing. Besides him, everybody was in their own little zone."

"We're a young bunch and you have to show a little swagger every now and then," said Jenkins, adding, "It definitely wasn't planned. I definitely didn't get the memo."

Quarterback Josh McCown, 38, joked that he might look into becoming a safety. Turning serious, he said, "That's the heartbeat of our team, to see things like that happen. That's a reflection of our chemistry. That fires us up. We like to see that."

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