Josh McCown expects to go the distance as Jets starter

The New York Jets won't go the Peterman route, which is to say they won't bench their established starter, Josh McCown, to take a look an unproven quarterback who may or may not be their future.

Coach Todd Bowles said last week he can't envision a scenario where he'd bench McCown. On Monday, McCown said he appreciated the support but he didn't need to hear it from his coach because he assumed it was the case anyway.

"We're both kind of on the same page with that, and there wasn't a scenario where I saw it either," McCown said of a potential benching. "I think it's good to hear it, but we were already on the same page, so I don't know if that was necessarily a new thing. We're just excited about loading up and playing these last six weeks and seeing where it takes us, so that's the main focus."

Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott tried a Hail Mary, and it backfired in the worst possible way. He benched Tyrod Taylor in favor of rookie Nathan Peterman, and the fifth-round pick threw five interceptions and was benched at halftime last Sunday in the blowout loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Taylor and McCown have similar numbers. Taylor has a 91.4 passer rating and a 51.9 Total QBR, while McCown's stats are 93.7 and 47.9, respectively.

The Bills have a full-blown quarterback controversy. The Jets? There's no doubt at all. For those who want Bowles to play Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg for evaluation purposes, get a grip.

Three reasons why McCown is the right guy:

1. He's the best quarterback on the team. This sounds simple, but sometimes simplicity speaks the loudest. McCown didn't play particularly well in the last game, but he was under heavy pressure -- 14 quarterback hits by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He has managed to avoid any prolonged slumps, no easy task with this offense.

2. They're still in the playoff hunt. So are the Bills (5-5), but that didn't stop McDermott from pushing the eject button on Taylor. Despite having lost four of their last five, the Jets (4-6) are only one game behind in the wild-card race. Crazy, right? The games still matter, and it would be foolish to make a change now.

3. He's the team leader. McCown is one of the most respected players on the Jets and his leadership is invaluable, on and off the field. Bowles knows not to mess with that. The locker room would look at him sideways if he made a change.