Jets surpass doomsday prediction because of Josh McCown

The New York Jets ended their season on Sunday with a loss to the Patriots. Here’s a look back at how I predicted their season would unfold.

My predicted record: 3-13

Jets' actual record: 5-11

How I fared: Memo to self: Always go with your first instinct.

In April, when the schedule was released, my prediction for the Jets was 5-11. Why did I change? I had no confidence whatsoever in the quarterback situation and figured it would turn them into a laughingstock.

Josh McCown barely played in the preseason and his recent track record suggested he'd probably get hurt, sooner rather than later. At that point, I figured the season would be lost and they'd shift into evaluation mode, giving Christian Hackenberg a chance to play. Remember, that was a big part of the preseason narrative: They have to find out about Hackenberg.

Boy, was I wrong.

I underestimated McCown, who was terrific in 13 starts and was deservedly voted the MVP by his teammates. Because of him, the season wasn't lost until he got hurt in Week 14.

At the same time, I overestimated the organization's faith in Hackenberg, who never won the trust of coach Todd Bowles and never got into a game. You might say it was a sit show, so to speak.