Why one draft expert thinks Josh Allen is perfect for the Jets

"I think he would fit certainly the climate that they're going to have to play in for a portion of the year," ESPN analyst Todd McShay said of Josh Allen's suitability for the Jets. Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports

Broadway Baker? Maybe it should be Jersey Josh.

The way ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay sees it, Wyoming's Josh Allen is a good quarterback fit for the New York Jets. McShay says Allen's big arm and big hands (10 inches) make him ideal for football in the Northeast, and he suspects offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates would be able to fix Allen's well-documented accuracy issues.

"With Jeremy Bates, you have someone who has coached quarterbacks," McShay said Wednesday on a national conference call. "You have someone who I think could help Allen in terms of the consistency in his footwork, which should improve the consistency of his accuracy."

In his latest mock draft, McShay has Allen going to the Jets with the sixth pick. Naturally, the landscape changes if they sign free agent Kirk Cousins.

"In that weather, with his arm, and the fact that he has a big hand span to be able to grip the ball and throw the ball, and has experience throwing in bad weather, coming from Wyoming," McShay said. "He's had the shoulder injuries. Otherwise, he's been durable. He's gotten bigger. He's gotten stronger. I can't speak for the Jets right now, but I think he would fit certainly the climate that they're going to have to play in for a portion of the year."

Of course, the New York Giants play in the same weather. They need a quarterback of the future, and they're picking four spots ahead of the Jets, so they could easily take Allen. In his mock, McShay has the Giants picking Penn State running back Saquon Barkley, with USC quarterback Sam Darnold going first to the Cleveland Browns.

In McShay's view, Darnold and Allen represent the upper tier of quarterbacks. Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and UCLA's Josh Rosen are a notch below, he said. This is a post-combine evaluation. Allen lit up the combine in the throwing drills, so there's always a tendency to overrate players based on combine performances.

"For a lot of teams, it's become a little bit of a separation, with Darnold and Allen toward the top, and then Baker and Rosen a slight notch below," McShay said. "That doesn't mean it's for all teams, and certainly there are varying views on this year's quarterback class.

"Josh Allen seemed to surprise some people [at the combine] with how good he was on the board [during meetings with teams]. There were some people who kind of came around on him and were impressed by what he did at night [in meetings] when the cameras weren't on. We expected an impressive throwing session, but he couldn't have performed a whole lot better than he did on the field that day."