Jets mailbag: Will they wait for Dan Quinn to finish in postseason?

Your questions, my answers on the New York Jets:

@RichCimini: First of all, yes, I think Dan Quinn is the leading candidate to become the Jets' next head coach. The answer is no, they can't negotiate until the Seattle Seahawks are done playing -- and we all know that might not be until Feb. 1. There are very specific rules for this sort of thing. The Jets are allowed to have a second interview with Quinn as long as it's during the bye week before the Super Bowl, assuming the Seahawks make it that far. They'd have to receive permission from the Seahawks and wouldn't be allowed to reach an agreement or announce a deal until after the game. But let's not be naive: The Jets aren't going to wait that long unless they get an unofficial heads-up from the Quinn camp that he's willing to take the job.

@RichCimini: There has been a lot of speculation about Quinn trying to hire Kyle Shanahan as his offensive coordinator. Frankly, I don't understand the fascination with Shanahan. In four of his last five years as a coordinator (the Washington Redskins from 2010 to 2013, the Cleveland Browns in 2014), his offense finished 23rd or worse in scoring. The one bright spot was in 2012, when Robert Griffin III dazzled everyone as a rookie and they finished fourth. Other than that, blech! As for Marcus Mariota, sure, I think there's a chance he could fall to No. 6. It's not likely, but you can't rule it out. He's not a super blue-chip prospect, a la Andrew Luck. It depends on what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 1) think of him. It also depends on how Jameis Winston fares during the pre-draft evaluation process.

@RichCimini: Yes, isn't that crazy? Obviously, John Idzik knows Quinn from his days in Seattle, and there was a lot of buzz about a Idzik-Quinn tandem ... but we all know how that worked out. If I were you, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in the Idzik angle; it's not like he's the only executive who identified Quinn as a promising head coach candidate. Remember, eight teams -- one quarter of the league -- have interviewed him in the last two offseasons.

@RichCimini: I think Karl Dunbar (defensive line), David Lee (quarterbacks) and Anthony Lynn (running backs) have to be at the top of that list. Unfortunately for the Jets, I suspect that Rex Ryan will try to take them with him if he lands a head coach job. Lynn has a contract for 2015, so he'd have to be released from his contract to pursue another opportunity. All three are good coaches, and I'm sure they'll have opportunities to go elsewhere, but they're worth keeping around.

@RichCimini: It depends on what you mean by "reasonable." I wouldn't pay Percy Harvin $10.5 million, the 2015 base salary under his current contract. If he agrees to a new deal that would pay him $6 million or so in guarantees, do it. If he doesn't, cut him and let him test the market. The Jets have some leverage because they can cut him without any cap ramifications -- i.e. no "dead" money. Harvin has tremendous talent, but he's injury-prone and, as you said, he has a history of attitude issues. That's why I'd hesitate to go long with him on a contract. I dug up this stat: From Week 8 to the end of the season -- i.e. post-trade -- he had 29 receptions, tied for 77th in the league. Is that a $10.5-million receiver?