Jets open preseason against Colts

The Geno Smith-Michael Vick quarterback competition will begin against a team that has no quarterback worries at all -- the Indianapolis Colts, featuring Andrew Luck.

The NFL announced the preseason schedule Wednesday, adding a fresh team to the Jets' usual array of opponents. Dates and times haven't been announced yet, but the Jets' schedule looks like this (no national TV games):

Week 1 (Aug. 8-10) -- Colts

Week 2 (Aug. 15-17) -- at Cincinnati Bengals

Week 3 (Aug. 22-24) -- New York Giants

Week 4 (Aug. 28) -- at Philadelphia Eagles

A couple of takeaways:

1. Impact on the QB battle: Obviously, the summer-long headline will be Smith versus Vick. The team hasn't determined how it will rotate the quarterbacks, but let's assume Smith gets the first start, based upon his incumbent status. In that scenario, this schedule shakes out nicely for Smith, who'd get a home start -- albeit for only a quarter or so. Vick would have to start against a tough Cincinnati defense on the road. How the all-important third game shakes out is anybody's guess. After last summer's debacle -- Rex Ryan inserting Mark Sanchez into the fourth quarter, getting him hurt -- it's impossible to predict how the coach will approach the annual battle against the Giants for the Snoopy Trophy.

2. The Sanchez Bowl: Traditionally, the starters don't play in the final game, meaning Sanchez -- now the Eagles' backup -- could get a heavy dose of action against his former team. That should add a little spice (OK, very little) to a mundane affair. It would have more sizzle if the game were at MetLife Stadium, not in Philadelphia. If Smith wins the Jets' starting job, it could mean Vick against his old team, although you have to think it might be the Matt Simms show.