Is Kaepernicking the new Tebowing?

Note: No photos exist of Tim Tebow Tebowing in a Jets uniform -- he never did it, not once -- so we were forced to borrow this Madden simulation instead. EA Sports, USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick is all the rage on social media these days.

As fans upload pictures of themselves in droves posing like the San Francisco 49ers' biceps-kissing quarterback, the question out there this week in the Twitterverse has all of a sudden become: Is Kaepernicking the new Tebowing?

We'd argue the question here in the Big Apple is a bit different. We wouldn't blame a single New Yorker for scratching his or her head and asking this question instead: What the heck is Tebowing?

Kaepernick has brought his end zone celebration all the way to the NFC Championship Game this weekend in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Tim Tebow, for all the hoopla he created here upon his arrival last summer, spent the season as a seldom-used backup on a losing team that didn't even come close to sniffing the postseason.

And one other thing: He never once Tebowed in a Jets uniform.

That's right. The best Tebow could muster as a Jet was a shirtless run in the rain during a season in which he failed to score a single touchdown.

Sure, when Tebow came here, Twitter exploded with Tebowing Jets fans, just like all the Kaepernicking 49ers fans are doing right now.

So is Kaepernicking the new Tebowing? Shudder to think, Niners fans.

Because the only way the answer could be yes is if, on Feb. 3, the Falcons are playing in the Super Bowl.

And Colin Kaepernick never scores a touchdown again.