Jets wanted Caldwell -- badly

The Jets wanted so much to make Dave Caldwell their new general manager that they were prepared to make a highly unusual offer, according to Sports Illustrated's Peter King. In his Monday Morning QB column, King writes:

Included in the New York Jets' contract package being prepared for David Caldwell last Monday -- the day the club gave him a tour of the area and was wooing him to be the team's next general manager -- was a $1 million housing allowance.

In the annals of Perks Given to NFL General Managers, I would say that takes the cake.

The timing is interesting. This grand tour occurred the day before the Woody Johnson/Rex Ryan news conference, meaning it's highly likely the Jets were hoping to have their new GM in place before the highly anticipated news conference.

The day after the Woody/Rex show, the Jets expanded their search, setting up interviews with at least five news candidates. Clearly, Caldwell was the guy on their "A" list of candidates they truly coveted. As everybody knows, the former Falcons director of player personnel was hired by the Jaguars.