Rookie camp: Day 1 wrap

Joe McKnight struggled in both practices today at the Jets' Florham Park training facility, but the USC running back made it through, as did the other 56 or so roster players, draft picks, free agents and tryout players picked to participate in the 2010 Jets rookie minicamp.

"The first thing is, we've got to settle him down a little bit," head coach Rex Ryan said of McKnight.

QB Mark Sanchez showed up as well, but was shooed away from the practice field when he ran out to help this morning. Probably wouldn't make sense to risk a freak injury to Sanchez after knee surgery.

• So who did Ryan like? (First he had to check the roster sheet to put names to the numbers.) LB Kevin Basped (Nevada), FB John Conner (Kentucky), CB Kyle Wilson (Boise State), CB Brian Jackson (Oklahoma), TE Jeff Cumberland (Illinois), LB Cory Reamer (Alabama).

• C Michael Parenton (Tulane), the center, had a back injury so he couldn't practice. Brian Jackson hurt a hamstring.

• OL Vlad Ducasse on starting: "At first, you can’t come in and think, 'Oh, I’m going to be the starter.' It doesn’t work like that. You have to prove to everybody that you deserve to be on the team first and then after that you can talk about starting."

• Ryan on the pass vs. the run: "We're always going to be ground and pound, but we'll also have the ability to do some things in the passing game."

• Wilson on Ryan: "He just has a lot of fun out there. That’s the main thing. Getting out there on defense, I think we’re a lot alike and I enjoy playing for him."

• Ryan on all the hugs NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got at the draft from player as their names were called: "I haven't hugged him yet, but I've thought about it. ... That was kind of funny. He's a personable guy. Whenever I've needed him, he'll return phone calls. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully everybody, the players and management, are hugging before too long."

Ryan is referring to a possible lockout for the 2011 season. Pretty classy that he threw that in there. Of course, a work stoppage would hurt coaches as well.

We'll be back bright and early for a 10 a.m. start tomorrow.