Derrick Rose frustrated over lack of foul calls on his drives

New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose told reporters in Toronto that he has an issue with the way referees are officiating his drives.

“I’m going to the lane the same way everyone else is and not getting calls,” he said, according to published reports. “They said I throw myself into people. That’s the league. If I beat them there, I’m there before they’re there and their hands aren’t up straight up. I think it’s a foul if there’s contact.’’

Rose is averaging 10 drives to the basket per game, per NBA.com tracking, and shooting 55.6 percent on those drives. Rose is averaging 1.3 free throw attempts per game off drives, according to NBA.com. There are 13 players who enter play Monday averaging at least 10 drives per game. Rose’s free-throw attempt average off drives is the third-fewest among that group.

He’s frustrated by that trend.

“They tell me they don’t see it,” Rose said. “Three of them are out there. I don’t see how three of them don’t see it — me hitting the floor. I don’t see how that’s not a foul.”