Malignaggi tops Judah to plant his flag

It was pretty darned easy to score the Paulie Malignaggi-Zab Judah fight at the Barclays Center on Saturday night. The man who worked harder for just about every second of every round, Malignaggi, had to have his hand raised. Judah, who promised we would see the old Zab Judah, appeared, not to be flippant, just old in the ring. He wasn't able or willing to launch, and save for the second round, when he scored an iffy knockdown, Malignaggi could lay claim on winning every frame.

Malignaggi went 220-607, to 121-498 for Judah, in the "Battle of Brooklyn," which saw the neighborhood of Bensonhurst gain bragging rights over Brownsville on this night.

The 33-year-old Malignaggi's jab was the difference maker. He went high and low with it, and threw in some rights just to keep Judah, who looked every day of 36, honest. Malignaggi won the jab contest, 122-67.

Judah said afterward that Maliganggi "didn't want to engage." He did -- just on his terms, actually. Judah said his rival stood on the outside and jabbed, but he didn't say why he didn't adjust to get past that. He said he will think about what's next and gave no hint of retirement.

Amir Khan, the British ex-champ who might well get a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight in May, was calling the fight for Showtime. He told me that if he were with Team Judah, he would tell Zab to retire, so as not to tarnish his fine legacy.

Readers, do you think Judah will continue ... or should?