Shadow Box Film Fest to run Dec. 6-7

Good news for area boxing fans/film buffs: The Shadow Box Film Festival is back in the ring for another swing. Director David Schuster announced that the second fest will run Dec. 6 and 7, and again will be hosted by the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

"We want to continue to build on last year's success," Schuster said. "Once again, we are anticipating a great collection of boxing films."

Last year's festival showcased 30 boxing films, including 11 features. The films were made in eight different countries: Cuba, Thailand, United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Argentina and England. Several events are being planned for this year's festival, including a VIP gala, a boxing fundraiser and an homage to classic boxing films.

Event organizer Bobby Cassidy Jr. is particularly excited about one film, an animated project, which is being furnished by a 26-year-old man who lives in Iran. Yahya Ghobadi, Cassidy told NYFightblog, is presenting his first film, a 13-minute animated flick called "Return," which touches on addiction and the use of boxing to help turn one's life around.

Cassidy, a Long Island resident, wasn't sure he could get Ghobadi's entry into the mix; as one can imagine, the Iran-to-USA element is not, in this day and age, without drama. "We had to find a server that both he and I could access because of restrictions in his country," Cassidy told me. "The standard ones, like Dropbox, are blocked."

Ghobadi weighed in on what got him interested in boxing.

"Many years ago when I was a kid my uncle took me to [a local boxing] club and that made me interested in boxing," he said. "Boxing is very attractive, it could release my energy instead of using drugs!"