For Kelly Swanson, no one-and-done

It was supposed to be a one-and-done, a quick foray, an experience to be lived and treasured, and pivoted away from. But the publicist for Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins got a taste of combat and craves more. "I want to do it one more time," Kelly Swanson told me at a for-media workout at Gleason's in DUMBO on Tuesday, ahead of the Saturday Golden Boy card at Barclays in Brooklyn. "I want a step up on opponent, just a little," she told me, while main eventer Paul Malignaggi, who meets Zab Judah Saturday, had his hands wrapped and chatted with press.

Swanson raised over $11,000 fighting last month at Gleason's, for underprivileged area kids. Her foe didn't have all that much for her -- something Swanson suspected might happen, she told me, when her intel informed her that the foe didn't like to punch through the target during workouts. "It was like Bernard told me before he fought Tito Trinidad in 2001, he said that Trinidad had that hook, but he needed to get set before he threw it, and there would be no hook unless he got set," she said.

"Oh, and I won't ask for a lot of money this time," she added, in closing.

Swanson swears she wants just ... one ... more. And then she will hang 'em up. We shall see.

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