Bracero and Salita both want to fight

Dmitriy Salita floated a plan which would have him glove up against Gabriel Bracero, beat Bracero to prove his current worth, and then challenge WBA welterweight champion Paul Malignaggi at the Barclays Center in April. Basically, he is portraying Bracero, the Sunset Park kid who went from street tough to role model after a stint in lockup, as a steppingstone.

Rich Kommissar, a promoter and advisor to Bracero, weighed in on the the plan to ESPNNewYork.com.

"Steppingstone? Haha. Gabe will beat his ass! I love both these kids, and I believe it will sell nicely," Komissar said. "I think both kids can make a nice little paycheck. Nothing big. We are realistic. Even Dmitriy is being realistic as to the purse. Here is the entire update from my end. ... I mentioned Gabe versus Dmitriy to Dima as far back as last Thanksgiving. I have been trying to make the fight. I offered it to (Bracero's promoter Lou) DiBella as far back as last June. After saying no twice we convinced him to offer it to Golden Boy (Salita's promoter) for their next show in Brooklyn."

There are varying stories as to why, with one theory in play that Golden Boy didn't want to pay what DiBella floated for Bracero's purse. Komissar said that the snub surprised him, since he believes his plan, which guaranteed ticket sales from both boxers, who have fan bases, would have been financially sound for all parties. The Klitschkos have an MSG date on January 19, and outreach was done to them to see if they'd put on a Bracero-Salita fight. So far, nothing has come of it. So, Komissar said, Bracero will fight in December, on a DiBella card, and stay busy, and stay hoping, same as Salita, that bigger puzzle pieces eventually drop into place.