Malignaggi critiqued ex-promoter DiBella on radio

When Lou DiBella went into the ballistic zone on the afternoon of Sept. 14 as he discussed his former fighter, Paulie Malignaggi -- the Bensonhurt, Brooklyn, native who moved to California last year to try and re-invigorate his career -- I wasn't clear on what he was responding to. What set Lou off?

So I poked around, and found comments Malignaggi made on the "Rope A Dope" radio show on the evening of Sept. 14. Was the show pre-taped, and Lou got wind of the contents? Or was the promoter simply hearing things on the grapevine? The hard-and-fast timeline aside, here's a taste of Malignaggi's comments regarding DiBella.

"People talk about my career, they have this myth I couldn't punch, I had constant injuries and (all the success) was all thanks to Lou," Malignaggi said. "They're fifty percent right. I think the other fifty percent is Lou owes me a thank you for doing all the things I did to me making his company as well."

Malignaggi acknowledged that he can be emotional, and said the same goes for DiBella. He made sure to mention that he isn't trying to tell the world that fighting under the DiBella banner was such a curse to his career. "It could have been worse. Signing with Don King would have been worse."

But he did lay out a decent sized list of where he think DiBella and company could have served him better. He said DiBella didn't fight to get a smaller ring than the enormous one which was used during the 2006 Miguel Cotto-Malignaggi fight at MSG. "I'm doing my job you got to do your job ... At least look out for me ... this is where I get a little critical."

He went on, saying that he thinks no one at Dibella Entertainment thought he'd win that fight. (He got this info, he said, because he was on the sly dating a lady who worked at DBE, and she told him what others at the office said about him.) He also said Lou should have warned him about hiring an ex-manager, who he says was no prize. Malignaggi said he didn't think DiBella battled hard enough for him before he was jobbed by the judges in Texas in his 2009 fight with Juan Diaz, and didn't lobby hard enough for the bout to take place outside Diaz' home state. A rematch with Diaz was secured, and the fighter said he did that himself.

The boxer said he's happy to be working with Golden Boy, which he said is helping build him back up on TV, whereas, he thinks with DiBella he would not have been on TV. It would have been out of sight, out of mind, in that case, the transplant said.

The radio segment went over 20 minutes, so Malignaggi laid out more dirty laundry. Come back for more of his side, and then NYFightblog will take a look at the origin of the flareup. Hint: it stemmed from a mistake made by the radio host.