Malignaggi and DiBella end beef, hug it out on Twitter

The whole Malignaggi-DiBella kerfuffle exploded largely because one of the "Rope A Dope" radio show hosts, Josh McDaniel, when DiBella came on the show on Sept. 7, said, "I remember the first time I thought there was a rift, Malignaggi was saying how he was supposed to do "The Contender" and that you kinda ruined that for him."

"Yeah, if he said that eff him," DiBella started to say. "Eff that."

McDaniel piped up, "Yeah, he said that, but.." and DiBella was off to the races.

McDaniel needed to interject himself forcefully, and make it clear that Malignaggi's Contender complaint came way back in 2005. But that clarification, even if he did try to clarify, didn't happen, and DiBella was egged on by McDaniel.

"A guy that couldn't break an egg made two point something million," DiBella said, defending his promotional chops. "Every time he was in a big fight he shat the bed...But if the emeffer is still going out shitting on me then I'm not gonna shut my mouth."

And did McDaniel pipe up, and say, 'To be clear, the Contender thing I referenced was from 2005?' He did not, and instead said, "I hear you Lou."

So DiBella went on. "Every trainer he had sh--canned, every advisor he sh--canned. 11 or 12 people worked with him, got blamed for something he did. He attacked me for not building the Malignaggi brand, what brand was that?

"I don't wish him badly at all. In the end we all have to face our maker. I don't wish anything bad for Paulie, I just wish I don't have to get questions like this, that he would shut his mouth."

Guess what? Almost as soon as the back and forth ended, the two men hugged it out. Sort, of, anyway. They buried the hatchet the evening of Sept. 14, on Twitter, soon after Malignaggi finished on the radio.

DiBella reach out, and Tweeted, "Ain't gonna lie and say I wanna hang, but peace and respect for your hard work. Maybe a drink...way down the line." Paulie responded with, "The drinks r on me" and "Sounds good lou, hopefully sooner then later."

DiBella ended with, "To put things to rest, paulie and I are not friends, but we had a good run together. The rancor between us ended last night on twitter. peace."

I was beyond glad to see this. Both men are good for the sport, both speak from the heart. As a Libra, I just plain like to see people get along, especially people who were real tight for a long time.

May I suggest, Paulie and Lou, that you guys have that beer summit. Life is indeed too short to hold on the any measure of bitterness.