Keith Olbermann salutes Bert Sugar

Ex Current anchor Keith Olbermann on Monday, when he was still with Current, saluted his first boss, Bert Sugar, who died last Sunday. The tempestuous talker recounted how Sugar, then a young admen on Madison Ave., threw his boss through a window, onto a balcony of the high-rise they work in, paving his way for a career as a boxing historian-analyst. Check out the tip of The Hat here.

Olbermann, let go by his bosses, which include Al Gore, on Friday, refers to Sugar as one of his heroes. Turns out Sugar hired then 15-year-old Olbermann as a researcher in 1974 to work on the book "The Sports Collectors Bible." The combustible Keith will be present at today's Sugar sendoff service in Chappaqua, for the record. May not want to mention the words "current," or the word "gore" in his presence, just to be safe...