Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. close for Sept. 15

Sergio Martinez is the best boxer in the world with the fewest outside-the-ring problems swirling around him. And if a deal in the works for him to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on Sept. 15 in Las Vegas comes off, and he defeats the son of the Mexican legend, his profile will grow immeasurably. The part of us that openly roots for good, classy athletes to get their just rewards is looking forward to his getting this massive opportunity.

We hear a deal is quite close to getting done, and if Chavez gets past Irishman Andy Lee in a bout which will occur in June, then he'd be getting something he's clamored for for about a year. Chavez has the WBC middleweight strap, which he won after Martinez dumped it, because he didn't want to fight a bout against the man the WBC installed as the No. 1 contender. Martinez was named champion emeritus by the WBC and was told by them that he would receive a title shot ASAP. He's had to cajole Chavez and promoter Bob Arum to make that a reality, as Arum has said he'd like the kid, now 26, to get a few more fights, for extra seasoning. Chavez fight in June, in Texas, where he draws a nice crowd, so we could see Martinez scouting him from ringside there. He would not take another bout in the interim, before September.

The bout would unfold at the MGM, and be presented on pay-per-view. Readers, do you think JCC Jr. would be taking on too-tall a task in Sergio? Or is better than many frequently harsh pundits say? Weigh in!