Malignaggi picks Cotto to beat Mayweather

"Call me crazy, but I'm picking the upset," Paulie Malignaggi said Wednesday when asked who he likes in Saturday's Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto clash for Cotto's 154 pound crown. "If Mayweather's going to lose, I think it's to Cotto."

You might recall that Malignaggi knows something about Cotto, having faced him in 2006, and coming out on the losing end after 12 rounds. "Cotto knows how to disrupt rhythm very well," continued the Brookln-bred fighter, who couldn't snag Cotto's 140 pound crown, but did pick up the WBA welter crown on Sunday in the Ukraine, beating Vyacheslav Senchenko. The Twitter King said that Cotto is a much riskier foe than Mayweather's previous one, Victor Ortiz, and a tougher out than Manny Pacquiao, if the heavens aligned and that fight happened.

Basically, Malignaggi sees it as a pick 'em fight, and believes Cotto cannot win a decision on Floyd's home turf, in Vegas, but he can picture Cotto winning via stoppage, late, off a body shot.

Hey, Malignaggi has been called crazy, and worse, over the years. But this assessment has to make you think, with so few folks giving Cotto much if any shot. Me, I think Cotto beating Floyd is the second biggest upset of this modern era, right after Douglas beating Tyson...but some Twitter followers and me engaged in a fun debate a couple days ago on just how big an upset Cotto-over-Mayweather would be, which you can check out here.

FightBlog readers, please offer your prediction for the Mayweather-Cotto clash in the comments section.