50 Cent likes Floyd by KO before 1:30 of round nine

If you are watching the Mayweather-Cotto fight tomorrow night, and want to seem smart to your friends, you might want to casually mention that you think the fight will end in Floyd's favor, via stoppage, midway through round nine. No, I don't say this because I have any gut instinct or psychic abilities. I say this because 50 Cent said on the final episode of HBO's 24/7 infomercial-docuseries that he's placed a bet on his guy Floyd stopping Cotto before the midway point of round nine of the clash which unfolds at the MGM Grand on Saturday night in Las Vegas. He didn't say how big the bet is, but I'm guessing it's six figures, and I'm guessing Floyd will maybe make an extra effort so Fiddy goes to the pickup window happy.