Sechew Powell subs in on NBC card

Sechew Powell was doing the smart thing, staying in the gym, staying in shape, ready for that call that often comes, from a promoter looking to replace an injured participant. Four days ago, the 26-4 lefty from Flatbush, Brooklyn picked up his phone, heard that Joel Julio was out against Gabriel Rosado on the June 1 card Sands (PA) event which will run on NBC Sports Network, the cable cousin of NBC. He didn't deliberate. I'll take it, he said. Foe Rosado has a ho-hum record, at 19-5, but the 25-year-old Philly fighter is on a mini-tear. A winner of five straight, with his last outing a TKO5 victory over Jesus Soto-Karass on the January NBCSN event, Rosado is likely the favorite going into the reset match. Not in Powell's mind, though. "I don't see where I'll have problems with him," the 32 year-old nicknamed "Iron Horse" told me. "I feel good about him not seeing the final bell."

Those are tall words; two of Rosado's losses came in his first eight fights, before he was properly managed, and he has been stopped just once, by Alfredo Angulo in 2009. You have to like Powell's attitude here. "Fights are always being made, so if you stay ready, you won't have to get ready," he told me.

You figure Powell is at max motivation here; a win would mean he can more so choose his options, rather than be the guy staying ready for a last-minute step-in gig. Readers, who do you like in the Powell-Rosado fight?