Close to last-chance territory for Sechew Powell

Pssst, I got a trade secret for ya. Fightwriters sometimes tend to wring every bit of drama out of a matchup they can by proclaiming it a last chance for one of the pugilists to reach the mountain top. I read such pieces about Micky Ward TEN YEARS before he engaged in his all-time classic for the ages, that epic of beautiful brutality, against Arturo Gatti (5-18-02).

Sechew Powell is in a fight Friday, June 1 against Gabriel Rosado (a deceptive 19-5 record; age 26; when his head is screwed on straight he is a bit of a beast; from Philly) which you could make a case is a crossroads fight for him. If you wanted to go that extra mile of hyperbole, you could say that it is a last chance sort of fight. I will not go that extra mile; but I will make clear that it is a bit of a must win for the Flatbush-based boxer, who turns 33 on June 6. He is coming off two losses, to IBF junior middleweight champ Cornelius Bundrage last June (UD12), and a L-UD12 IBF title shot eliminator to Cory Spinks in January.

The lefty Powell was in the gym anyway, giving Delvin Rodriguez work ahead of his Saturday bout with WBA super middle champ Austin Trout in California, so he snapped up the shot when Main Events called for him to sub in for Joel Julio in the featured bout on NBC’s Fight Night, which unfolds in Pennsylvania and on the NBC cable sports channel (9 PM ET start.)

Can Powell (26-4 with 15 KOs) get ‘er done in PA? I asked that of Russell Peltz, the matchmaker for the Fight Night series. "It's a pick 'em fight,” he said. “Since Rosado was training for a righty Powell can use that to his advantage. I really think this is a 50/50 fight."