Atty: Mayweather likely to serve 2/3 of sentence

Keith Sullivan is one of a tiny handful of highly regarded attorneys working in the fight game. The Queens-based lawyer chatted Wednesday night with NYFightBlog at the BWAA awards dinner, the 87th annual, in Manhattan.

I am curious just how much time Floyd Mayweather, currently jailed in Nevada for a period of 87 days or less for a domestic assault conviction, will actually serve, so I asked Sullivan, based on his knowledge of the justice system, to hazard a guesstimate.

"He will most likely get out early, he will probably serve two-thirds of his sentence, that tends to be standard, so we will probably see him in two and a half months," Sullivan said, as he waited to greet heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, who was due to receive an honesty and integrity award along with brother Wladimir.

Sullivan suspects Floyd will have to adhere to standards of probation upon his release, and that there may be a continuing order of protection from his ex-girlfriend, whom he clashed with.

Will the stint help Floyd? "It should humble him," Sullivan said. "If he takes a good look around and takes stock of where his life is, from where he came, it should humble him, compel him to be a better person, a more caring man, not someone who arrogantly burns money, simply because he has a lot of it. Jail knocks the proudest and tallest of men off their self-aggrandizing pedestals. He should realize how far ahead of the curve he is in life and how less fortunate so many others are and in turn he will be thankful for the gifts and opportunities given to him."