NYFightBlog's verdict: Pacquiao robbed!

Boxing fans are used to this, the fight-night hangover that roots itself into your head after you watch a fight, are certain one guy won, handily ... and then see the judges hand the other guy the victory. It may be the one single thing that drives the most fans away from the sport. We can assume another truckload left after throwing up in their mouths when they heard that two of three judges -- namely C.J. Ross and Duane Ford -- saw Tim Bradley the 115-113 winner over Manny Pacquiao in the main event at the MGM Grand on Saturday night, in a welterweight title fight.

The numbers said otherwise, as CompuBox said Pacman landed almost twice the number of power punches, though that service also said Bradley out-threw Manny, 839 to 751, and many judges simply reward volume, even if accuracy is compromised.

NYFightBlog gave Bradley one single round. He looked to be blessed with less punching power, accuracy, footwork -- heck, most everything -- than Pacquiao. But the judges said otherwise.

Some other NYFightBlog regulars had Pacman ahead as well. "I though Pac had the edge," said Brooklyn-born welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi. "I didn't score it (thoroughly). I thought Bradley was winning some of those late rounds and I don't think Bradley was doing as little or that Pacquiao was doing as much as they were saying on TV."

NYC-based promoter Lou DiBella had steam coming out of his ears after Michael Buffer spread the news.

"I thought Manny looked real bad," he tweeted, "but HE WON EASY!!!WTF!!! Again I'm going twitter dark in disgust at this decision. Sick again of my sport. People, a great sport is now on a respirator. Boxing is presently a polluted playing field in every respect. Tonight was PAR FOR THE COURSE."

My takeaway: I have said this before and it bears repeating. If I am a trainer, I train my fighters to assume the judges are blind or inept or something. Therefore, I tell them to press, hard, for knockouts. You must remove the power from these clowns, with all due respect to clowns.

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